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We are a Full Service grooming shop.

Our bathing technique utilizes a hydro-massage bather that enables the shampoo to easily penetrate through the hair and down to the skin to help ensure the healthiest skin possible. Our primary shampoo is oatmeal based, but we also have hypo and medicated shampoos available upon request. In addition, we offer deshedding conditioner.

Prices will vary depending on the size, breed, and condition of your pet's hair. We will give you an exact price when you drop your pet off. There is an additional fee for badly matted dogs and cats due to the extra time required.

A full service groom will include a bath, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned (hair plucked where applicable), nails filed, paw pads shaved, sanitary trim, and complete haircut.
A bath will include bath, nails filed, ears cleaned, anal glands.
A "neaten up" or light trim will include everything except a complete haircut.

All nail trims include filing.
• nail trims $5
• average small bath only $22
• average small light trim $28
• average small full service groom $38

Please call for quotes on cat services and larger dogs

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